The purpose… why are we here?

This is the first article on this space. The same as in product development – we need to start with a clear idea, the purpose, the answer for the big question. I do not think it will be long, but you all deserve to know the truth behind the whole of this project. I will try to keep my thoughts as compact as possible to give you a slight view on the AgileJar website.


This is one of the strongest questions. It is one of the questions the child asks his parents about the world. All big ideas started with “why”. Three letters which contain an urge to discover, the curiosity about the world, a call for the meaning and need for fuel to act.

The story

This idea developed over years of work – in the beginning, I wanted to start writing on Agile related topics, then it was expanded to whole product lifecycle – from the idea up to the edge of existence. However, it was not enough – one piece was missing. Because of that, this blog was put on the shelf for “better never”. A few weeks ago, Klara and I decided to dust off the old ideas, compare them with the world and see the result. Because nothing is as important as decent and honest feedback.

After few iterations it was clear that blog about Agile, Lean, etc. is not “good enough” – it will not be different than plenty other places where you can read about new ways of product development. This concept is too narrow and too focused on a single part of our life. We wanted it to be something more – where we won’t only write academically – but where we will be able to put into these texts ourselves. Where our way of thinking won’t be limited to Agile/Lean but will be something more.

The purpose

So this website exists as a platform for sharing thoughts, idea, remarks. Anything related to our work. However, I do not think it is enough for you. You deserve better! So as the finish though I will leave you with the three-words summary or our purpose.


Product – We would like to write about product development in this crazy world. How to improve your ability to create products and validate them against reality.

Process – we would like to write about processes, our experience and what have we done in particular situations – doesn’t matter if this is Agile, Lean or “all-hands-on-deck” development.

People – last but not least. We want to write about people, interactions with other, different group of interests, their motivators. In general, everything which is people-oriented and which may help answer the question “why people does what they do”.

AgileJar – the beginning

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A natural born Scrum Master. Always mentally attached to Agile - initially a member of Development Team, eventually Scrum Master in the Scrum Team and Agile Coach in the organisation. The most important for me is to deliver value to end-users thanks to engagement of motivated team. For the past few years I have been gaining experience in project, product and team management. I prefer people-oriented managing style. I constantly repeat to everyone that good work environment can give huge benefit in to the project, its product quality and working environment. Because of that I became Scrum Master to fully support my teams as servant leader by using transparency, inspection and adaptation. I help other teams to be better specialists in their field of action. I see their success as my own even if I am working from shadows. I love to share my experience and knowledge on conferences and meetups - as a speaker and participant. Still trying to discover new ways of work and to improve my workshop.

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